Canadian Healthcare

Canada- a country synonymous for its maple syrup and heavy accents is also a country that prides itself on its health care. Tommy Douglas, a pioneer for this system, almost lost a leg due to a bone infection because his parents couldn’t afford the operation. It was from this point on that he dedicated his […]

American education system

The American education system is similar to raising cattle. It’s a strict system that “teaches children essential knowledge for their future”: AKA how to take orders and perform repetitive tasks. For as long as I can remember, growing up in this lucrative system, I never felt excited or looked forward to school. It was just […]

Racial passing

Racial passing- a term defined as “when someone lives as if they were a member of a different racial category than the one they were born into.” This was first seen during times of slavery when lighter skinned African Americans picked up white people tendencies, mannerisms, and appearances in hopes to assimilate into that culture […]

The vegan controversy

By 2017, 6% of Americans considered themselves vegan. That’s a 600% increase from 2014! (GlobalData)​. Being vegan has been a rising trend in the past few years, but is it really beneficial from a health perspective? This rapid increase can be attributed by the rising amounts of Vegan propaganda in outlets such as Movies, novels, and influencers alike​. Vegan marketing falls under […]

The College experience: open minded or not?

Let me preface by saying i am in no way shape or form conservative or liberal. To be quite honest, i’m not nearly educated enough in the field of American politics enough to say i side with one side or another. I can say; however, that I’ve been apart of academia long enough to distinguish […]

The power of a Tweet

In this social media driven society that we live in , the power of our voices is ever prevalent. With just a few simple taps of the fingers, our ideas and notions can be shared across the world. While on paper this sounds great, sometimes things tweeted in the moment can leave an unfavorable impact […]

The robocaller epidemic

In what seemed like a perfect correlation between the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic and the “robocaller” epidemic, we had a brief respite for a few months from the seemingly endless array of fraudulent calls; and yet, they are back to record numbers. These calls typically fall under fraudulent health insurance or car warranty […]

Opportunity admits the pandemic

In the face of the this global pandemic that we live in, retail has seen better days. With stores closing left and right- and attitudes shifting more towards an online perspective- it’s hard to imagine store openings being a visible thing in the next half decade; and yet, there is one retailer that’s striving to […]

The Duality of Tik Tok

“Real People, Real videos”, an ironic slogan from powerhouse social media platform Tik Tok. In the past two years, this video-centric app has garnered the attention of everyone from the youth to the elderly. Just about every form of content can be created: whether its comedy, gaming, news, or the infamous dancing complications, just about […]

Sleep, or rather, the lack thereof.

With “self care” being advocated by the likes of professionals and influencers alike: such as working out 5 times a week, drinking plenty of water, or keeping up with your skin care regime, there’s one vital step that we seem to forget in this prolonged pandemic- sleep. It has become the norm’ for most people […]


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