Canadian Healthcare

Canada- a country synonymous for its maple syrup and heavy accents is also a country that prides itself on its health care. Tommy Douglas, a pioneer for this system, almost lost a leg due to a bone infection because his parents couldn’t afford the operation. It was from this point on that he dedicated his life to implementing a fair, universal health care system called Medicare. Over the years, Medicare has become a topic of a Socialistic nightmare according to Americans (especially those who belong to the republican party). Long waits, crowded hospitals, seemingly never-ending lists for operations, sub-par doctors, absurdly high taxes in Canada, the list of negative things about Medicare goes on; however, how much of that is actually true?

Canadas Medicare system functions due to taxpayer’s money, so naturally taxes are more expensive. When looking at Americas health care system; however, the cost of not only paying for insurance every month, but also having to pay out of pocket copays is significantly more expensive than Canadas taxes. Canadians don’t pay out pocket for essential visits- whether it be to an ER or urgent care- and co pays are unheard of.  Doctors and institutions are paid directly by the government. Whenever someone goes for a regular checkup to their primary physician, their bill is sent to the government.

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