American education system

The American education system is similar to raising cattle. It’s a strict system that “teaches children essential knowledge for their future”: AKA how to take orders and perform repetitive tasks. For as long as I can remember, growing up in this lucrative system, I never felt excited or looked forward to school. It was just a series of how little I can do to get by, pass my classes, move on to the next grade, and repeat it all over again. Schools were designed to train a labor force with skills and attitudes necessary for a healthy economy- a bleak outlook if you ask me. 

Classroom environments have always put an emphasis on tests- spending weeks on end on a particular chapter trying to memorize the content in hopes of getting a good grade on a test. This is the vicious cycle that bored me so while attending public school. I like to be stimulated by knowledge, not cram just for the sake of cramming. It’s been proved that teachers are put under strenuous pressure to “teach to test”.

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